Wednesday, 16 June 2010

ehe :|

i don't know what happened to people nowadays,but can't they just relaxed and not be paranoid?what the fck??can't we all just get the fck along?soo stupid wan these people. =.='

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


i hate short semester. D: a few things i hate about short semester is they eat money too much,packed,not much time, and just very very very short. D: i hate short semester.

and i like this girl.ehehehehe.. she's not anywhere from miri. :D ehehe which is freaking i am lame now.

anyway,im going back to miri this coming semester break..and i have no idea when is the semester break = ='


FIFA World Cup 2010!

My fave team. :D Viva La France!

readers, i'm sorry that i couldn't update my blog, coz i was lazy. :D hahaha..anyway,im having a new bold start(i think) and try not to put any past in this blog. haha